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Pain in the Mass 150
PITM 150 Overview

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PITM 150 Jersey

PITM 150 Jerseys

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About the Jersey

All riders that have registered can request a link to the store. 

***Riders can choose between a Club Fit or Sport Fit***

Only those riders that have attempted or completed the PITM 150 understand the rigors of this event. Yes, there may be rides with more elevation or miles but what makes this ride unique is the route itself.


This ride is not about finishing first, it's about finishing. It's less about setting personal goals and more about working as a team to get everyone in your group home. This ride is just as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one.

For these reasons we wanted create a jersey to celebrate those riders that have taken on the challenge.  We wanted a jersey that is bold and classic. That is recognizable to other riders near and afar.  That tells them about your accomplishment without any words being spoken. Most importantly we wanted this jersey to be something you have earned as ONLY PITM 150 riders will be able to purchase these jerseys. 

Are you up to the challenge?

THIS IS NOT A RIDER FOR BEGINNERS! If you would like to participate you will have to train or have participated in a similar events.  You MUST be able to manage 7 to 9 mile climbs with grades in the 20's.  There will be SAG to pick up riders that have mechanical issues with their bikes but riders must expect to finish the event.  If you are physically struggling and we have room in the van we will pick you up and return you either back to the start or further up the route. BUT, we can't have 50 riders deciding not to finish due to inclement weather or giving up. This ride is just as much about mental toughness as it is physical toughness.    A good baseline for entry is if you were able to complete the B2VT with relative ease or similar type endurance events.

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